Murmur Reading Series #1:

Alan Fielden, Aurelia Guo, Mónica De La Torre

Murmur is a series of occasional events in Manchester, UK, bringing poetry and innovative writing to new audiences.
This broadcast, the first in a new series of video readings, was produced for the English Shared Futures Conference 2020.
Alan Fielden’s plays are performed by Alan Fielden, Nell Osborne, Rory Cook, and Amy McCauley.

Alan Fielden is a writer, director, poet and performer. He was born in Seoul and lives in London, where he makes work with JAMS and ROOM. Marathon, a play, ran at the Barbican Centre in September 2018 having won the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Minor Literatures, 404ink, The Literateur, Der Grief and Allotrope Press.

Aurelia Guo is an artist, writer and researcher based in London. She is the author of the chapbooks NYT (Gauss PDF, 2018), 2016 (After Hours Ltd., 2016) and HOME INTRUDER EDITION (, 2015). Her writing and editing have also appeared in How To Sleep Faster, The Fanzine and Imperial Matters.

Mónica De La Torre works with and between languages. Her most recent poetry book is Repetition Nineteen (Nightboat Books, 2020). Born and raised in Mexico City, she lives in New York and teaches Literary Arts at Brooklyn College.