a photo of Siblings book


Jay Bernard, Mary Jean Chan, Will Harris, Nisha Ramayya

Convened by Will Harris, Siblings is a roundtable conversation between four poets on writing communities, real and imaginary siblings, and first encounters with poetry.

Thinking through the lyric mode’s wayward directions — speaking sideways to peers and siblings, writing vertically to parentage, lineage, literary histories — these four poets talk to each other as makers and friends about the possibilities that poetry enables now.

I grew up with dual realities, with the knowledge of another reality occurring elsewhere, and I carried that with me. Poetry was, finally, my way to access alternative realities – both at the same time! – and to speak beyond them...

With Jay Bernard, Mary Jean Chan, Will Harris, and Nisha Ramayya. Includes poems.

Published 29 February 2024

Designed by Joe Hales / Max Hales

Printed in the UK

32pp with b&w photos, 3 hole binding

135mm x 215mm

ISBN: 978-1-7395424-1-2

£12 + p&p