a photo of Propositions book


Amy McCauley

A fragmentary treatise on desire and its consequences, Propositions is a playful examination of how we constitute and disassemble the self in language.


‘Adroit aphorisms coiling around their own warping structure, filled with historic echoes and utterly recognisable voices. R.D. Laing minus the surplus arrogance, Sarah Kane with the lights on, Antigone in her cell waiting slyly for the men to return—a penetrable delight.’
—Melissa Lee-Houghton

‘It’s exhilarating to read McCauley go into battle full-tilt with words against language, using as a weapon her very own body of vocabulary.’
—Joanna Walsh

‘A document of constellatory flesh from this cardinal supplier of horror-comedy.’
—Alan Fielden

Published 16 November 2020

Designed by John Newton/Rory Cook

Printed and bound in Salford

Covers screen-printed by John Powell-Jones

Perfect-bound with French flap

210mm x 130mm

Edition of 150

£10 + p&p

£1.50 from each sale is donated to The Trussell Trust