a photo of Murmur Anthology #1 book

Murmur Anthology #1


Monitor Books is proud to present: Murmur Anthology #1. Featuring new writing from contributors to the Murmur Reading Series in Manchester, this anthology is a varied and exciting collection of innovative poetry, prose, and drama from seventeen international authors

Authors: Rachael Allen, Bryony Bates, Jen Calleja, Alan Fielden, Joey Frances, Aurelia Guo, Tessa Harris, Tom Jenks, Barbara Juch, Sophie Jung, Shiv Kotecha, Jazmine Linklater, Amy McCauley, Lila Matsumoto, Sam Riviere, Michelle Steinbeck, Mónica de la Torre.

Designed by Joe Haigh at Chaosmos Studio

Artwork by Joe Haigh & Michael Holland

Edited by Rory Cook with Harriet Hill-Payne, Lucy Burns & RL Perry

234mm x 130mm

124 pages

Perfect bound with tracing paper dust-jacket

Edition of 250

Published 30th September 2019

ISBN: 978-1-78972-378-6

£20 + p&p