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Tim Etchells

‘I want to apologise for being drunk at the eclipse…’

Amends by Tim Etchells is a selection of texts haunted by performance but written for the page. In three uncanny acts, Amends exhausts the inauthentic languages of device, correction and apology, while remaining deeply sorry.

‘Etchells makes the comic and cosmic collide. There’s richness in the debris.’

— Jonathan Meades

‘Micro, macro and all metaphysical states in between, Amends holds our sensory world through death, breath and the first person present tense.’

— Maria Fusco

‘Tim Etchells explores how our 21st-century maladies—the technologies that multiply but cannot meet our desires, social humiliation, the accumulation of capital—have infected our words. He finds a way through by testing language to antic destruction: rehearsing our stupid desires over and over like a playground game, or setting our crap proprieties against sublime acts of god. Amends is a relentless, bleak and funny liturgy against the debasement of how we address ourselves to ourselves, to each other and the world.’

— Jennifer Hodgson

Tim Etchells is an artist and writer whose work shifts between performance, visual art and fiction. Living and working in London and Sheffield, he has produced major commissions for public spaces and exhibited in museums and galleries in many international contexts. Etchells is the leader of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment.

Published 22 June 2023

Designed by Chaosmos Studio

Printed in the UK

32pp w/ poster

150 x 220mm

ISBN: 978-1-80352-272-2

£12 + p&p